Rome Rebounds

While much of mainline Protestantism has been compromising its historic position on homosexual activity and the acceptability of homosexually active clergy, the Roman Catholic Church this week took a strong step back from the brink of the cliff their protestant colleagues are rushing over. In a September 20, 2005 article, Catholic World News headlines the article Pope approves barring gay seminarians. This is an historic step by the world’s largest Christian denomination. As to those already ordained the article notes:

Priests [and one would assume Bishops and Cardinals] who have already been ordained, if they suffer from homosexual impulses, are strongly urged to renew their dedication to chastity, and a manner of life appropriate to the priesthood.

That manner of appropriate life is counter to the current trends in the mainline Prostestant denominations that are not only ordaining homosexual and lesbian clergy but instituting rights and services of marriage. The Catholic Church has taken a strong stand and will undoubtedly be castigated for it, especially within Western Europe and the United States. However, it should strengthen their image and mission in the rest of the world.

Hat tip: David Virtue at VirtueOnline.

2 thoughts on “Rome Rebounds

  1. The churches that are accepting any sort of blatant sinful lifestyle in their clergy are experiencing a drastic decline in membership (see also here and here). I’m convinced that there are a large number of people who really do seek the truth when spoken in love. That’s why we see the evangelical, conservative Catholic, and charismatic churches all experiencing a tremendous expansion both here and overseas.

  2. I did read somewhere this morning – NRODT? – that PJPII did not believe accusations of homosexuality among priests up for ordination because this was an accusation used by the communists to rid themselves of someone considered dangerous or problematic. Just a little piece of information that gives interesting perspective on the problem. Kind of Dumbledore-like – believing the best of everyone can get anyone into trouble (sadly enough).

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