Some Thoughts On Sorrow And Solomon

Rather than wait till I have enough energy for longer posts (as is my custom), I have decided to just post short observations for a while. As I mentioned in the last post, Solomon said that as his knowledge increased his grief and sorrow increased. That got me to thinking about how that applies to me as a Christian on the road of discipleship. The more I come to know God, the more I apprehend his holiness and his demands on my life, the more I am going to see my shortcomings, my failures, my sin. The road behind is littered with my failures and the road ahead appears to be even more difficult. It is only his absolute love and the hope that comes from that love that keeps this redeemed sinner, this saint of the most high from despair.

Discipleship is a very difficult road indeed (how naive I was when I thought it was only like a hard workout–a little sweat and you grow) and when Jesus said to count the cost, he meant it. So, looming in the future I expect a Gethsemane experience, where I don’t believe that I can go on, where God tests my submission to his will and my perseverance despite the trouble on the road ahead. When we follow Christ, which he called us to do, the dinners along the way eventually give way to the kind of things most of us would prefer to avoid, but the road will not allow us to do so.

Yes, this is only one side of the Christian life, but it seems to be the side no one wants to talk about these days. I was once dubbed Mr. Lent and while I have a tendency to see the hard times more than the joyful times and have been derided as someone with a prophet’s mentality (prophets tend to see the bad and call it out), I believe there is a time and place for addressing the tough side of God’s love and not just once or twice a year.

Please pray for me as I approach the last few weeks of my Florida project. Every muscle in my body is rebelling and it is hard to get going in the morning, but on the bright side (see I can see that too) I am in the best shape I have been in for years. Every prayer is most appreciate.

Grace and peace to your day and may the blessings always outweigh the grief and sorrow.

2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts On Sorrow And Solomon

  1. Excellent and true. My next couple of posts will be on Trust in discipleship. Just checking to see if you live. Hallelujah, you do, even if barely! Have a blessed Thanksgiving, all of you.

  2. My wife is coming to Florida for Thanksgiving so I will get to spend four days with her. That will be nice. We will have the entire Meisheid clan excepting my daughter together for Thanksgiving. This may be the last time since my nephew is moving to Ohio.

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