The End Of The Day

As a sat down yesterday, after getting the dust vacuumed off, my brother-in-law snapped this picture with his cell phone. A tired Bill sitting down after a long day.The head piece is just a shop rag held on with painter’s tap to keep the dust from destroying what little hair that remains on my head.

After going to church this morning, dad and I did some grocery shopping on the way home. Then I took a break and watched Maryland win the Soccer National Championship 1-0 against New Mexico. It was a hard fought game. By the way, the sermon was on fellowship and my take on the message could be summed up in this little verse I wrote down in my notes,

You are the mirror of my soul, the bearer of the words that seek to make me whole.

The point was that fellowship is an integral part of dealing with sin, repentance, and accountability. William Meisheid 12/11/05

There is a little over a week left for me to finish what I came here to do. Late this afternoon and evening the middle bathroom neared completion. Tomorrow the appliances are arriving for the kitchen so I have to finish the cabinets and trim. We are taking a break tomorrow afternoon to go and see the Narnia movie, so I will let you know my thoughts tomorrow night. I have read all the books and the reviews have been about what I expected, with most of the negative ones coming from people who don’t like the Christian aspects.

May grace and peace be your companions today and may your week begin by remembering that there are 14 days left till we celebrate that great moment, “Lo! He abhors not the Virgin’s womb.” For me this is the first of the two seminal moments of the redemption story. Imagine, being all that God is and entering into creation and all that entails, as a helpless babe, nine months in the womb. “Lo! He abhors not the Virgin’s womb.” Utterly remarkable. Blessings to your day.

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