Which 24 Character Are You?

I took the test and it seems I am Jack Bauer.

Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer

Which 24 Character are you?
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Some people might think Jack is amorally ruthless, but I think he is justice on a pale horse. A little like King David (he would have confronted Goliah also), a lot like Judah Macabee (he has no truck with traitors), with a little El Cid and Charlemagne (defenders of Western Civilization against the dark forces) thrown in. Jack is utterly faithful to his commitments and willing to risk his life for those he feels responsible or cares for. He has no truck with the Devil (unless he’s undercover) and shows no mercy to evil, but gives second chances to true repentance. He doesn’t pretend everything is all right when it’s not and is willing to face the hard stuff, even if he has to do it alone.

Far from perfect, he would make an interesting Christian. Too bad he isn’t real, since I would enjoy the challenge of trying to evangelize him.

2 thoughts on “Which 24 Character Are You?

  1. We need more Jack Bauers in the world, IMHO (ha!). Really, those all seem to be Christian principles to me. “Justice on a pale horse” – that is GREAT. Just fantastic! Many – most? – Christians think there is no place for warriorship in our faith, but I disagree. Did not Jesus tell us it would be a battle? We can’t all tend the wounded. Some must fight, bleed, die and yes, kill.

    As far as evangelizing him…you know, he’s not a foolish man. I think that he would weigh the facts after research and thought, and might jump eagerly on board. I really do. No Christian is perfect. If they were, they’d be dying somewhere for the rest of us.


    As far as video/whatever for the wedding, by the way, I’m not sure yet. *sigh* I do know that our photog will have a screen set up at our reception, on which he’ll show pictures of everyone getting ready earlier in the day. 🙂

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