Lent 06: Day 6

The problem with being tired is that you fall back on patterns, the easy ruts of life that take the least energy to navigate. I guess you could say it is a way to find out some things about yourself. I am reminded of Jesus’ disciples in the garden, falling asleep while their Lord struggled at the nexus point of history. He was so correct when he said “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”

I have read about coaches who say the really productive practice begins when you’re tired. That’s when discipline and will take over, when you have to reach down deep. It is then that you get a chance to find out if you have anything left. Sports and games in general are useful in that they are artificial stress that tests the breaking points. In many ways Lent is like that. It is a controlled test of discipline and a way for you to investigation of how much you have left.

Paul tells us to “examine yourself to see if you are in the faith.” (2 Corinthians 13:5 Lent is a way to do that. These days it is a self-imposed discipline, where there is almost no social pressure to keep any specific observance, not like during earlier times. So, the test is primarily private, between you and God, unless of course you blog about it, a thought that just crossed my mind. It will be our secret… 😉

So, in the end, the usefulness of Lent is what it tells you about yourself. With that in mind I suggest you use your Lenten observance, no matter how small it might be, as means of self-examination and self-exposure. Let it teach you something crucial about yourself.

I pray that God uses these days of Lent to your good and his glory. I pray we never forget that failure can also be advancement along the narrow road. Wherever we may go, let us always be willing to accept the hand of God aiding us along the way. God bless and keep you and may his perfect justice always be tempered for you by his infinite mercy. Amen

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