Lent 06: Day 16-S

It is Sunday and today has been a strange day. It all began last night when we celebrated a friend’s 50th birthday. In keeping with the spirit of Lent, the party began well after sundown, so by God’s accounting the dispensation of Sunday had already begun.

It was a nice affair, and I took lots of pictures (I was asked to photograph the event) and then I spent a better part of today working on the results. I enjoy doing photography, especially of people. At heart, I am a portrait photographer and I enjoy trying to capture the person and the moment. Like people, I believe events can have portraits and be captured. I am not talking about the breadth of the event, such as you would do with video, but possibly its distilled essence or at least an adequate representation. It may take a series of pictures to accomplish the task, but I believe it can be done.

Ever since my brother asked me to photograph his daughter’s wedding last summer, I have begun to get more serious about rekindling my once avid interest in photography. I did another wedding in September and now I have two more to do this year, so getting serious is now a necessity. Weddings are serious business. You are there to capture a once in a lifetime event for which there are no do over’s.

It is remarkable how the course of our life can be changed by a simple request. My brother wanted me to photograph his daughter’s wedding. Almost 30 years earlier I had photographed his wedding. He knew I could do it. I knew I could do it. So, I got the necessary equipment and did it.

Suddenly I was serious about photography again and once a door is opened you cannot control what God will do with that access. He has his purposes and in relation to my photography, I have no idea where he will lead me. But, lead me I believe he will.

There are no accidents. This has a purpose in his plan for my life, and in some part, for the lives of those with whom I will interact. In a way it is exciting, watching a new path in your life unfold. As you approach 60 you don’t expect too many new paths. In a way, this isn’t really new, but the rekindling of a long abandoned path, saved for the right moment. Either way, it is exciting to see where God will lead this.

I pray that God has a new or rekindled path for you also, something to excite you. Whatever that course is for you, I pray that you set out upon it with a spirit of joy and discovery, because God has something special in store for you. As I said, there are no accidents.

Grace and peace and the joy of discovery be yours.