Lent 06: Update

It is not that I do not have anything to say, but working 12-13 hours a day leaves me with almost no time. I will try to catch up sometime later this week, but the water is rising at work and my knee highs are already under, so I am shifting to my hip boots.

Just to let you know, I have been praying, thinking, and engaging God, even in the midst of all of these demands (Lord, what did you get me into!?). I can say when it comes to feeling the weight of sin, well former feathers are beginning to feel like granite blocks. They say you stress metal while forging it to make it stronger. The key is not too much, too fast or it shatters. Not that I expect to shatter, far from it, but it is challenging to be so stressed.

I want you to know that I believe that God gave me this job. Too many things came together and I am actually a very good fit for this company and it not just because I am willing to put in the hours. But, realistically speaking, I can say that the delivery and production demands here are the greatest I have ever had to deal with, especially in such a short time, bar none. Couple that with my decision to do a more difficult Lent and I think you can get a reasonable picture what life for me is like right now.

Still, my prayer is for grace and peace to be an integral part of your day. I am sorry I don’t have more to offer everyone at the moment (I am writing this while taking a moment’s break from work…), but this stuff has to get done. There is no other option. Dates cannot be changed. We have to “just do it”, whatever it takes.

So, remember me in your prayers. I think of you who read this and wish I could keep to my original schedule of daily meditations that are worth reading. They are floating in my head, but getting them online is just not possible. My hope is that God will fill the lack, since a good start needs a decent finish, and that we will all be the better for it in the end.

Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord forgive us. Christ forgive us. Lord bless us. Christ bless us. Amen.

5 thoughts on “Lent 06: Update

  1. Mr. Meisheid – life is like that sometimes. And the stress can be very exciting and invigorating when something worthwhile is at stake. I know – been there, done that, and didn’t even get a t-shirt. But – we have a heavenly Father who knows the beginning and the ending and all things in-between. Keep on trusting Him for everything and just do it!

  2. Hi William,

    I was curious about your job, what you do day to day. (I’ve read the bio, but the current work sounds new).

    Meditating on the cross keeps things in perspective for me. The Bread of Life was baked in an oven of affliction, making every meal he serves us, whether food for body or food for the soul, a mere taste of better things to come. God’s blessings Williams; eat well and enjoy the pleasure of his company, as I know you do.

  3. I do technical writing, online information systems, and training, including developing the training materials for a living. So, I write or think about what I should write, or edit what I have written all day…

    All prayers are appreciated.

  4. Hang in there Bill, and do your best. You’ll be surprised what you can accomplish when you don’t give up. I think the company got a good deal when they hired you, and I’ll pray for your success. May God give you grace and peace to get through this tough time, and may you come through stronger and energized to do all the other things you need to get to. Moses. 🙂


  5. Hi William,

    I’m suffering a strange disappointment. For some reason, probably my aging mind, I had assumed you lived in England! Why is that a disappointment? I think I had this idea of you being just an hour or two away from me…I’m in Wales…as you know. I think it was your reference I read some where on your blog, about being Anglican, or did I dream that? Anglican faith is such a part of English life my little brain cells began swimming in the wrong direction. I had told my wife, “I’d like to meet this guy someday”. Ah…who knows, William. Thinking you are close, I had even told a friend, my head deacon, a South African much like us, I would like to invite you to speak at my church. (Still open to that thought should you wander over this way for a conference or such.)

    After reading your comment I went back to the “About me, more info…” link. We really are children of our time! I’ll get over my disappoinment and keep reading. Good stuff, William. Your prayers are appreciated as well.

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