Pursuing Dreams

There have been two major dreams in my life. Early on I wanted to be writer, especially a writer of novels and it appears that if I can keep on course I will finish my first novel, Beginnings, the first in a series on the life of Moses. The second thing I wanted to be was a photographer, and for a while I pursued that dream, but except for a few irregular efforts after I got married (mostly family photos and few weddings for people in need), I put that on hold. Well I am now taking that dream up again. I have decided to pursue photography again, especially portrait, wedding, and event photography.

If everything goes well, and God is willing, I will continue this latter stage of my life writing, both novels and study materials (such as my Knowing God efforts), and photographing people. Writing novels is really writing about people. Writing study materials is really writing for people. Photography, as I pursue it, centers on people and capturing the moments in their lives that mark their existence. While I have done still life and landscape photography, it is people I enjoy putting in front of the lens, trying in some small way to look into their souls and give who they are a chance to be seen.

My wife will be my partner in this pursuit. She reads what I write and keeps me on course (she has greatly missed my lack of blogging). She also has a great eye and the camera fits naturally in her hand. Many successful photographers (or photo studios) are really husband and wife teams. We have done two weddings together and it is really nice to have a talented woman who can go into the bride’s dressing area and just blend into what is happening. She does that very well.

I will tell you more about my two dreams in the coming weeks and months, but it is time to get off the snide and give substance to those wisps of hearfelt fancy before it becomes too late to do it.

May God grant you grace and peace today and may you too get off the snide and pursue your dream(s), whatever it (they) may be.

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  1. Welcome back to the blogging fray, William! I look forward to hearing about your photographic efforts as you puruse them. I’ve also wanted to do something similar and have done a few weddings as well in the past. But… it’s just seems like there’s not enough time among all the other stuff to do anything really seriously. I’ll be praying for God’s blessing on your efforts.

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