Introducing Sageline Photography

One of the reasons my bloggging has been lighter since August than I intended was that I am starting a new business, going back to my roots in photography, especially portrait and wedding photography. As I move closer to retirement, my wife and I have discussed what would be a good and sustainable business for our future, one that was dependent on our abilities and not as age-averse as most corporate work seems to be (the area I have derived my living for the last fifteen years). The two things we could do that would meet that requirement are:

Writing – As long as your writing is excellent, people don’t care too much about your age. I have several projects in process, both fiction and nonficition and this could be a viable source of income for as long as I want to write. Blogging has helped me hone my thinking and writing skills in useful ways, but I would like to also start getting some of my work published. My wife is a good editor and does a good job of keeping me on track.

Photography – There are a number of things that influence your ability to get portrait and wedding engagements, but the primary concern is the quality of your work. I have been in and out of photography several times over the last 30 or so years, but people have always liked my work. After shooting a few weddings and other events for family and friends, the old creative juices started flowing again and my wife and I have decided, as Nike says, to just do it. It is a blessing to have a profession in which I am able to work with my wife. She has a remarkable eye for composition and seems to have a knack for capturing that singular moment that exposes the heart of the situation.

With that in mind, I wanted to officially announce the launch of Sageline Photography. If you know anyone who needs event, wedding, or portrait photography done, let them know we are available. We are reasonably priced and we travel.

The most important thing to point out about our business is that we never forget who our photography is about. It is about the client; it is never about us. We will offer our best advice to assist our clients in capturing the vision of what they want their pictures to say, but in the end, it is always about them, their event, their moment and that is something we at Sageline Photography will never forget.

We invite you to visit new site, Sageline Photography, even if it is only to browse our picture galleries.

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