Changes, They Are A-Comin’

The people have spoken and we are a house divided, nationally at least. Here in Maryland, we are once again completely Democrat. As a nation we have sown the winds of change, what whirlwinds will follow is the question.

One problem on the horizon, not much discussed as far as I can see, is our aging population, of which I am part and how that affects the mood and decision making of a citizenry. As people age, they tend more towards pessimism, losing some of the natural optimism of youth. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but enough are affected that there is a general shift in that segment of population toward a more negative viewpoint of life. The problem we are now facing, as that segment of the population grows, is figuring out how we can prevent a general shift toward pessimism in the whole population. When such a large segment of the people, those with most of the assets, are steadily growing more cynical about the future, can the rest be far behind?

One of the great past sources of optimism, the Christian backbone of our country, has been steadily eroding for the last fifty years. Religious faith has always been an effective counter to the growing pessimism of age. The hope at the core of a believer’s faith offsets the pessimism of declining abilities. That base of faith has eroded and our population is in the midst of a rapid aging cycle. What changes that means for us as a country will be played out over the next few years, but the two curves of declining faith and rising age do not bode well for a rise in the optimistic energy needed for civic renewal.

Is there a tipping point in there somewhere? How delicate is the structure on which we depend? Is there any handwriting on the wall waiting for us to discern? Who, in the progressive camp, is even concerned about any of this?

For those interested in history, such as myself, we live in interesting times, which was considered a curse by ancient Chinese. Blessing or curse, the events are going to run their course and I will be here, as ever, giving my 2 cents on the matter.

I pray that God will be merciful to his children and that we may have all the grace and peace we need to see us through what lies ahead.

Note: This was accidentally published with a backdate of November 6. I have corrected it to November 7th. Sorry.

2 thoughts on “Changes, They Are A-Comin’

  1. I’ve already posted many times in Christian forums the solution to these kinds of outplays of post-modernism and the resulting decline of Chrisitanity in the West. Unfortunately, most couldn’t grasp the simplicity of what was said, and so poo-pooed the whole idea that comes straight from the scriptures.

    (shrug) Most people just won’t take YES for an answer…


  2. I can’t say I’ve got any thoughts about this, having never considered the pessimism side of aging, to be honest. Of course, strength and joy in through our faith are the only things that will hold us in stead, and that dovetails with what I’m writing about for a soon-to-be post: the times are about to get truly dark. And with no solid ground to stand on, this country may be in great trouble.

    Then again, that might be a good opportunity for the followers of Jesus. Then as in no other time in recent memory will our joy and outlook attract (or royally tick off) people.

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