New Job

The last time I had a full-time, non contract job (January to August 2006), my blogging became intermittent at best. I start a new job, as an employee of Computer Science Corporation, on December 4th.

My wife is very happy. She likes it when I work for someone as an employee. There is a comfort level for her when I am not subject to the whims of contracting and she likes the regular paycheck that arrives like clockwork every other Friday. She can budget and plan and it takes a lot of the stress out of her life. That makes it worth the effort to go to work for someone else.

So, I don’t know yet how this will affect my writing, but it will in some way. In preparation, and in part due to the job but also to an agreement I made with God, I have stopped watching television except for sports and news. No more shows. That meant abandoning Lost, Jericho, Heroes, NCIS, and other favorites. The first week was hard; the second week was even harder. It has begun to get easier.

What I found was that had invested in the characters; they were like friends and I missed them. It wasn’t real and I got over it. This has freed up a lot of time that I hope will allow me to continue to blog on a decent schedule, even after work starts.

Between now and 12-4 I have a lot to do. Remember me in your prayers as I try to get everything done before the time crunch sets in.

Grace and peace to you and all whom you love.

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  1. Congrats on the new job! Is Moses one of the things to get done first? I hope so and I hope that you keep blogging this time. 🙂


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