Lent 07: Day 9

I am sorry for the lateness of this post but for the second time in a week I lost a posting. I am not sure what is happening, but it is becoming frustrating. I now know when it happens, so if that state reoccurs, I now know how to save my text before it is lost and then I will try and debug the process. I know that may be a big geeky for some of you, but life often requires debugging.

The original posting was about routines and habits. I am finally settling in at work and becoming comfortable with my routines and developing some habits to make me more constructive and efficient. Routines and habits extend to every aspect of our lives, including our moral and ethical centers and the actions that make us who are.

Routines exist because of the choices we make and if we make them consistently enough they become second nature to us, they become habits. For example, I say please and thank you. I cultivated that habit early on in my life and never made an effort to break it (why would I?). Much of who we are, what we present to the world and how those around us view us, come from our routines and habits. They are a significant part of the woven fabric of our lives.

So, you ask me, how does this apply to our subject? One of the ways agape is defined is as love by choice. It is made real by what we do, not how we feel. If you continually choose the path of agape, it becomes a routine, a habit, an integral part of who you are and how you present yourself to the world.

I can think of many good habits we can cultivate in our lives, but none any better than agape.

With that in mind, I challenge my readers to do just that, to cultivate the routine and habit of agape, by choosing to act with Christian love and making it part of the fabric of their lives.

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