Dear God

Last night, we had an itinerant evangelist, who is a friend of our pastor, visit our church. His name is David Brett and his form of evangelism is story telling. He made, what for me was an insightful statement about how we turn the stories of Jesus into sermons. We take the simple effective method that Jesus used and think we are improving on it by sermonizing his stories, rather than using them as lead ins to stories of our own illustrating and drawing out the same point. I think there is something important there.

I have heard more sermons on the prodigal son than I can count. I remember none of them, but I never forget the story. There were a few stories I heard last night I may never forget either. I think that is why I want to be a novelist, to express my thoughts in stories. My prayer is that God will grant me the resources and perseverance I need to accomplish that goal.

I am also a photographer, since in a way, photographs are small stories, captured in visual stasis, able to be enjoyed over and over again. I include below a few stories in stasis from last night’s meeting.

Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version.

The Gathering Praising Hands

Paster Brett2 Paster Brett

All Things Considered The Weight of Prayer

Teenage Prayer God's Man

May God bless your day and keep you holy.

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