In the science fiction series Star Trek, the most devastating enemy the free peoples of the galaxy ever faced were the Borg, an assimilating race that destroyed all before it and made it part of the Borg Collective. “Resistance is futile” was the battle cry and indeed they were almost impossible to defeat. It was their way, no other way. There was no negotiation, only subjugation and conversion, which meant the end of individual meaning. There was no dissenting thought.

Today another enemy is on the rise, which at its heart is the greatest enemy the free peoples of the earth have ever faced. It too is an assimilating force that seeks to destroy everything before it that is not part of the Islamic Collective. “Resistance is futile,” while not a battle cry, is at the core of their self-understanding. Exceptionally difficult to defeat it is their way or no way. There is no negotiation, except to undermine resistance (all treaties with non-Islamic entities are expected to be broken), only subjugation and conversion, which means the end of anything not sanctioned by Sharia Law. Dissenting thought is a crime against Islam, against Allah.

The Borg’s expansion was never ending. Resistance only slowed, but did not stop it. We forget to our peril that Islam’s expansion is exactly the same. It is never ending. The West has only slowed, not stopped it. The Battle of Tours, which halted the Islamic advance into Europe, did not stop the engine of Islam, only knocked it off track for a time. With the aid of oil, the engine is back on its rails and picking up speed again. It will not stop while there is a single place or person on the face of the earth who rejects Islam and its prophet. It may be slowed, or again derailed, but it will merely bide its time until it can again declare itself.

All assertions to benevolence toward those “not Islam” (dar al-harb – whether individuals or nations) are kitman (holding back the full truth of what Islam demands using the slight of hand of “mental reservations” to deceive dar al-harb with the portions of Islam that sound like what the infidel wants to hear) or taqiyya (outright active dissembling, lying, and deception in the service of the advancement of Islam).

It cannot be that pernicious you say. But it is. There is no walking beside Islam. There is only submission or death. Even the tax on Jews and Christians that allows them an existence in servitude in historic Islam was only an expedient measure while awaiting full Islamic victory. The Taliban made that threat real. What they made real in Afghanistan is Islam’s desire for every man, woman, and child alive. Everyone. No exceptions.

While Islam still holds within itself the hope of victory, that its prophet is true, and the words of the Quran are valid, it will never give up the desire to conquer all that is not Islamic. Until Islam is shown to be false and its prophet to be a liar, it will be energized for conquest. Nothing but the absolute truth of its complete falsehood can undo it, for to the believer victory is the only option, the only goal.

4 thoughts on “Borgislam

  1. The parallels between the fictitious Borg and the very real threat of Islamic Fundamentalists’ fanaticism are striking.

    Good analogy.

  2. The Borg had a cube, Muslims have a Kaaba (cube shape).

    Islam means submission. “Peace” will come only after submission to Islam.

    There is collective hive mentality amongst most Muslims eg supporting fellow Muslims whether right or wrong. Most non-Muslims, even if they belong to a denomination will feel free to dissent from their leaders if they think fit.

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