Moses Mondays: An Update

There are a number of people who still access the sections I put online of my ongoing novel on the life of Moses, so I thought I might give an update for those who are interested.

The first book, formerly called Destiny’s Passage is now titled Beginnings. It will be the first of at least five volumes in the series titled Chronicles of the Lawgiver. After writing over 30,000 words and still being in the first day (the day Moses is put into the Nile and found by the sister of Pharaoh), I decided to go ahead and make the first book cover only the initial 24 hours of the story, beginning (hence the title) at midnight as Jochebed and Amram finish the basket ark and prepare for the trip to the Nile. Twenty-four hours later the story ends at midnight when Jochebed, now wet-nurse to her own son in the house of Pharaoh’s sister, puts Moses to sleep at the close of a very remarkable day in which Egypt and the world is changed forever.

I am now at 65,000 words and I know everything left to write (my goal is between 80-85,000 words depending on how much I elaborate certain events). I hope to have it done in a few months. I only write a little during the week (I work full-time, as a techwriter, no less!) and weekends and usually put out about 250 words an hour.

The story has a bit of everything: danger, cosmic events, portents, signs and wonders, plots and counter plots, an attempted assassination, death, heroism, visions, and moments of great anguish and great joy. The eleven year old daughter of friend just finished reading and commenting on the first 65,000 words and she loved it. That was after a sixty year old woman I work with read and also loved it. Hopefully it will appeal across age groups, to both men and women, to Christians, Jews, and secular readers. Who knows?

The father of the eleven year old has been reading the story all along, and every time he sees me he whispers, “Moses…Moses…Moses” to remind me to get the thing done. He loves it also and has been my major encouragement and in some ways has kept me going. Thanks Keith.

So, here’s hoping that Beginnings by William Meisheid will be done ASAP so that all of you can read what I have been working at off and on for the last twelve years.

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