Respect: R E S P E C T

Being a reader, and now a reader of blogs, there are those in the blogosphere I have come to respect for their continued perseverance in the pursuit of excellence for the cause of God. One such writer is Jeremy Pierce, whose blog, Parableman, has been a place where hard questions are unashamedly broached and excellence abounds.

As a philosopher and university professor, Jeremy is something of an anomaly, at least from my perspective. He is an academic who defends the faith once delivered unto the saints, with skill and gusto, tempered by an inherent humility and kindness. Recently he has been confronting the rise of militant atheism (see this post on Dawkins and Atheistic Overconfidence), but he is also a champion of life, taking a strong pro-life stand.

The post on atheism gives a good example of what I respect so much about Jeremy. While the article is good, the key is in the comments and how he patiently and exhaustively responds to the arguments of his critics. He is a unique saint in the family of the redeemed and I thank God for him.

We do not always agree, but one thing I can always count on from Jeremy: he will be respectful of those he argues with and his positions will be well thought out. But, most importantly, he will persevere in his efforts to arrive at the truth. He can be Sisyphean in his perseverance, though his is no vane effort.

Thank you Jeremy for your many endeavors, and may our Heavenly Father give you all of the strength and grace you need to continue fulfilling the mission to which he has called you.

1 thought on “Respect: R E S P E C T

  1. Thanks. It’s nice to get positive feedback, when these selectively make a couple points that take such time to respond to, and then just insult me on their own blogs without bothering to make any specific statements about what I said that they think is wrong.

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