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I thought I might point out a few posts I have stumbled on and read recently. In a way this is my own private Carnival…

Mad Minerva writes about how when Hugo Chavez put up a statue of Che Guevara, it was destroyed in two weeks. The irony is that the statue was made of glass and MM chuckles at the symbolism.

Tim at Random Observations writes about how Islamic desire for Sharia is Failure By Design.

Doug Groothuis at The Constructive Curmudgeon explores how Frank(y) Schaefer (son of Francis) trashes his parents in his new memoir. I sense a whirlwind on the horizon. He also asks whether it is appropriate to fight skunks. If they are defecating in your house, you have to, vile spray or not.

The Anchoress explores Michael Yon’s offers to help the press find Iraq. One link that stands out for its lack of MSM coverage is UN Calls Drop in Iraq Violence-Related Deaths ‘Remarkable’.

Charmain Yoest of Reasoned Audacity talks about an An Ironic Juxtaposition of Headlines concerning the abortion debate. I really enjoyed meeting her and her husband at a blogger meetup…nice lady.

Kevin Walker at Assimilateo Deo disagrees that Edmond Burke is the root of conservatism as he takes on the New York Time’s David Brooks. I love to read people who think through what other people think and point out the holes. I remember when hotels/motels had those little sewing patch kits in your room. Me thinks Brooks could use one about now.

Rebecca of Rebecca Writes quotes an important point by J. I. Packer about how the Scriptures impose themselves on us in The Canon of Scripture, an offering in her ongoing series Theological Term of the Week.

And on a lighter note, Miss O’Hara of The Shining City goes agogga over the Blue Angel pilot tying the low altitude speed record recently at Fleet Week. You gotta love a girl who loves beautiful machines. This one includes the video.

In closing Jamie Pierce of Parableman learns about the accuracy of language and that the the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree from his young daughter.

There you go. My own little mini-carnival. I hope you found something to interest you.

Grace and peace.

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