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In case you wondered about this or any other blog’s readability, this link will tell you the level required to read the entered blog. I tested a few well known and personal interest blogs for fun. [HT Rebecca Writes who is Junior High School]

Beyond the rim – High School – Elementary School

The Anchoress – Junior High School

Belmont Club – High School

Evangelical Outpost – College Undergraduate

JollyBlogger – High School

LaShawn Barber – High School

Mark D. Roberts – Junior High School

Miss O’Hara – High School

Parableman – College Undergraduate

Random Observations – High School

Reasoned Audacity – High School

Vox Day – College Undergraduate

I am not surprised to see Parableman and Vox Day as college level. They both deal in philosophy and jargon, though in different contexts. I was surprised that Evangelical Outpost was that high. I never thought Rebecca would be so junior, since her hymns and theological postings use a lot of terms not in modern common usage.

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3 thoughts on “Blog Readability…

  1. My blog ranked as genius which is very discouraging. I’d like to bring it down to the High School level.

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