Evangelical Ship Taking on Water

Sometimes when you read something someone else has written, something they say or a quote they use, it sparks a line of thought. I just ran across my comments to Dr. Mike, over at Eternal Perspectives on a post he wrote: MacArthur Endorses Book on Discernment.

He was discussing the book Who Are You to Judge? by Erwin Lutzer, Senior Pastor of Moody Church and he used a pull quote in which Lutzer said:

I fear that the evangelical ship is taking on water

I responded with the following comment:

Throughout its history, from the beginning, the Church’s ship has been taking on water. Prophets are the inspectors who call for the bucket brigade, while those in the upper cabins go on like nothing is happening.

Take your pick, from day one till today, Christendom has always had leaks, sometimes even major holes that threatened to sink it. But God is the Captain, and he never fails to send enough inspectors and willing workers to keep the ship afloat.

It is almost comical, however, when an obvious leak appears in a well appointed cabin that thought itself immune to the problems of the other areas of the ship. We are all in the same boat.

There have always been sections of the Christian ship that at one time or another thought themselves immune to Christendom’s problems. We are quickly moving into an age where that is no longer true. Turbulent storms are beginning to bash the Ship of Christ and our enemy has begun to mass his troops to remove any safe haven or any port for our ship to find shelter and comfort. The whole ship Christian Navy is under assault.

The world is becoming a difficult place to be a Christian (not a pseudo-Christian, who holds to the name but not the doctrine or beliefs) and it will, I predict, get worse. Mordor is on the rise in the form of Islamic advancement and there is no place on earth that is left untouched. Oil is the grease and money is the means and the religion of Mohamed is growing everywhere, especially in the former Christian bastion of the West.

The times they are a changing. May God protect his people and help them to gird their loins for the battles ahead. May the bucket brigade be up to the task and may the prophets be unafraid to speak the words the Ship [and Navy] of Christ needs to hear.

Grace and peace.

1 thought on “Evangelical Ship Taking on Water

  1. External threats make it more difficult to live “normal” lives, whether Christian or quasi-Christian.

    A great threat to Christian life is living in thorns: Luke 8.7/14.

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