Rimdims #5: Evolution

One simple fact that separates Christian belief systems from evolution is the Fall and death, which makes Christianity an anathema to all the arguments that attempt to wrap some form of evolution around Christianity.

The Bible argues that the creation of man was the pinnacle of God’s creative effort. Before the creation of Adam and Eve the rest of creation was complete. The stars and the cosmos, the animals and plants, they were all there. Then God created Adam and after Adam’s naming of the animals, He created Eve.

Death, which is absolutely necessary for evolution, especially considering the time arguments, had not yet entered into the cosmos. Creation had not yet been subjected to futility, but then the fall occurred; Adam and Eve sinned and death entered the created order.

You can deny the Christian worldview and accept the evolutionary one, but without abandoning the Bible and hence the basis for everything Christian, you cannot combine the two in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

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