Knowing God Study Guide Now Complete

After a long and arduous haul, my Knowing God Study Guide (Sections One, Two, and Three) is finally complete and available for use for a complete journey with J. I. Packer through his seminal book, Knowing God. The Section Three PDF was just posted to the Knowing God Study Center.

One more thing crossed off the list of things left undone.

For those of you who do not experience the joys of liturgical worship, each Sunday we pray the classic Anglican prayer of confession where I ask God to forgive me for “things done; and things left undone.” God has always reminded me that he is waiting for me to complete the things undone. Forgiveness does not normally remove the requirement to still do that undone thing.

So, one of the goals I made for myself this year was to try and cross off as many of the undone things from my list as possible and now one more is complete. Praise God!

If you are interested in studying Packer’s book, enjoy the use of the materials. If not, you are missing a life-changing experience…Highly recommended.

Grace and peace.

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