Falling Waters

We went to Pennsylvania this weekend to visit friends and go to two of Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses. We spent Saturday at Falling Waters and Sunday at Kentuc Knob (for a later posting).

Falling Waters was unique for its time and is considered one of Wright’s masterpieces. It changed the course of residential architecture, being built to be in harmony with its surroundings. It is also heavily cantilevered, projecting over the mountain stream like a piece of rock jutting out from the hillside. Its lines mirror the stone used in its construction.

The three pictures below illustrate the extreme cantilevered construction. Click on the pictures to see a larger view.




We were not allowed to take pictures in the house, but even though it was built in the 30’s, it did not feel outdated.

The whole site has given me a lot to think about, which I may comment on later, but one thing that struck me is how much it costs to keep up the property. Remarkable structures take a lot of maintenance, sort of like remarkable people.

Below is the classic view of the house and its place within the landscape.

Falling Waters Classic View

All photos Copyright 2008 William Meisheid

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