Rimdims #6: Ritual Impurity

Considering the lengths that radical Muslims go to “protect” their ritual purity (e.g. Ayatollah Khomeini, after the Iranian revolution, declared that all non-Muslims were impure. He said that to wash the clothes of non-Muslims (you have to touch them), to eat with non-Muslims (sharing food), or to use personal items touched by non-Muslims (such as dinner utensils), would spoil a Muslim’s ritual purity), I have always wondered how the mullahs explained away the fundamental problem facing suicide provocateurs (sorry – martyrs).

The problems abound. Take for instance the well-known 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta. He demanded in his “will” that his body not be touched by a woman. It would make him ritually impure. However, in crashing the plane into the World Trade Center he inseperably mingled his body parts and blood with that of his victims (obvious being touched by them), both from the plane and the building, many of whom were women, in effect forever defiling his own body by his own actions.

Look at the suicide bombers who mingle their blood and body parts with that of their victims, who are considered impure, especially in the case of Jews, who are called pigs, a vile unclean animal to Islamists. There is a rabid desire among Islamists that their dead body not be defiled, but every suicide bomber by their own actions make their dead remains radically impure beyond any possible repurification.

I could go on, but you get the drift. Even their own religious logic shouts against their actions, condemning them, rather than rewarding them with their [insert desired number here] virgins.

Surprise! Oh, sorry, it’s too late to make amends. So sad, too bad.