So many thoughts, so little time…

It has been some time since I posted anything. There are many reasons why, most of which don’t amount to a hill of beans (seriously insignificant). However, when I actually sit down and put fingers to keyboard, suddenly the clarity of thought I had as I moved about doing things in the house deserts me. There is just too much to say.

We live in remarkable times, some would say perilous times. Back in the late 70’s, when my father was in his mid 50’s, he decided the end was near and felt if he could live to see Y2K, he would be around to see the culmination of history. So he changed his life, diet, and exercise and began working toward being around for that moment.

Well 2000 came and went and the end did not materialize. He is still around, though sadly what happens in the world today is mostly beyond his caring. However, I have, to a degree, inherited his perspective, and I feel the need to prepare for what may occur in the next few years, especially 2012.

What is going to happen? I have no idea. Will it be the cataclysmic events my father expected twelve years earlier arriving later than expected? Maybe. Who knows? Yet, there is something in the air and it isn’t Springtime pollen.

hope this restart of my blogging life will be sustained and is not just another momentary jolt of wordsmithery. We shall see. There is so much to write about and so little time to collect my ephemeral thoughts. But hey, its a start.

Grace and peace to your day.

1 thought on “So many thoughts, so little time…

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