Worship is a Verb

One of the differences between biblical worship and what passes for the same thing in the Christian Church today can be seen in the difference between the verb (biblical) and the noun (much of today's Christianity).

Biblically worship is what you do as you pour out your heart to God. it is the offering yourself as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1). It is God-centered, sacrificial, and a fundamental expression of who we are in Jesus Christ.

For many in the modern Christian church, worship is a noun, something they experience. It depends on how they are moved. Centered in them, it lives in their feelings, what they get out of the moment. It is self-centered, rather than God-centered.

Oh, there is a lot of singing, with songs that speak about God and Jesus and love. However, the focus is internal, not the inexpressible Other, the One in whom we live, and move, and have our being.

Don't get me wrong, worshiping God may indeed cause you to experience great and overwhelming feelings, but they will always be an aftereffect, never the why you worship God. To speak in the language of Job, even if I never feel anything, you are God and I will worship you. My worship is Your right and due and my proper and holy service to You, my God.

Today, Sunday, I would pray that you think about this little distinction and examine your efforts at worshiping God. Are you seeking a "worship experience" or the chance to offer yourself as a living sacrifice to your LORD? Be honest with yourself, because God knows. He sees your heart.

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