The Inevitable Corruption of Science

Some things are inevitable. History teaches us that everything created by mankind, whether physical, philosophical, sociological, or theological eventually falls apart, either through natural processes wearing on it, or outright corruption.

Science is no different. It does not exist in a vacuum. Since its inception it has lived through the actions of the people who have embraced its methodology. It eventually became important and over the last two generations gained unimaginable power. That power eventually tainted the purveyors of science as they were enticed for gain to turn its processes to specific ends, rather than following truth wherever it may lead. While it may have begun with good intentions, like all fundamental compromises, it is ending badly.

In addition, people with specific agendas entered science with precise intent to twist its power and influence to their own ends. They played on the trust science had built up as the arbiter of truth, the explainer of complex things, to move public understanding and opinion in the direction that would subjugate everything to their agenda.

As science has tried to reassert itself, to question the validity of the new paradigms, to assert the inconvenient truth that real science was producing, it was shouted down, belittled, degraded. Not, mind you, using the results of real science to counter, point for point, observation for observation, those who said the Emperor had no clothes. That would allow truth to assert itself, whatever that truth might be. No, having grasped the power of science they had used that power to create a pseudo-scientific religion that they now use against science itself, stifling anything that threatens their dogma.

So the religion of manmade global warming asserted itself, and is demanding that every knee should bow and every tongue confess to the lie and accept the subjugation it demands, while science, once the handmaiden of the search for truth, is muzzled and now shackled to pull the cart of servitude as its new masters begin marching everyone into bondage and slavery.

We are at a nexus point in history. The door is closing; the chains are being forged. Will you stand before it is too late? Or will you go into subjugation with only whimper?

For an interesting argument on this issue please read How government corrupts science.

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