What is Wrong with the Christian Church?

I had this insight this morning at church, which at first I thought was for my congregation alone, but as the day wore on, I believe it has a larger application. That is for you to judge.

In the Old Testament reading this morning, taken from Leviticus 19, we were warned against a litany of common sins, sins of entitlement and self-enrichment, as opposed to the call in this morning’s sermon to agape and self-sacrifice, to esteem others as better than ourselves. We should remember this: God pays little attention to our sacrifices, be they of praise and worship or tithes and offerings, for he seeks a contrite and broken heart, a heart brought low by its desire to deal with sin. As high as your soul is exalted on the wings of praise, that is how low you should fall down in agony over your sin, for you are called to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, which is your true spiritual worship.

We need to remember that we cannot hide our sin from God or from the great cloud of witnesses that surrounds us. Together, they call us to lay aside every weight of sin that so easily besets and ensnares us. In addition, in our struggle against sin, we need to bear in mind that we have not resisted its enticements to the shedding of our blood.

Therefore, we should not forget that in the beginning God said to Cain that sin was at the door, its desire lying in wait, but that he had to overcome it. God’s call to us has not changed. We too must resist the sin that so easily entraps us, that lies in wait for us; we must lay it aside, not becoming weary or discouraged in our souls as we struggle against it. However, we cannot avoid the struggle by denial, for anyone who says they are without sin is a liar and they have hidden from the truth.

Instead, we should be encouraged because we do not resist the snare or bear the burden alone. Our Father in Heaven, who like any good earthly father, corrects us because he loves us and also strives with us. His desire is to prepare us as a pure and holy bride for his Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To accomplish this, we are called to submit to his correction, to resist sin to the uttermost, and thereby live and enter into the inheritance prepared for his children.

Do not think that anything that you do in service or praise unto the Lord your God comes before this; it does not. God hates sin, but God loves you, having given his only begotten son that you should have eternal life, and through him be saved. Love God as he has loved you, honoring that sacrifice by one of your own, and fulfill the purpose for which you were saved, to become holy and blameless before him.

Therefore repent and resist sin to the uttermost.

3 thoughts on “What is Wrong with the Christian Church?

  1. I am an editor for Christian.com which is a social network dedicated to the christian community. As I look through your web site I feel a collaboration is at hand. I would be inclined to acknowledge your website offering it to our users as I’m sure our Christian reformed audience would benefit from what your site has to offer. I look forward to your thoughts or questions regarding the matter.

    Vicky Silvers

  2. From my limited humble point of view, I think that when talking about sin we need examples, specific examples, not generalities. Yes we need to confess our sin, sins, But first we need to find out what are our sins. Besides the obvious, we all have many so called hidden sins, which only God and perhaps our neighbors can see. We need to learn how to identify these so called hidden sins so that we can confess them. Which I suppose means, that we need to ask God to identify them for us. I think it is these deep rooted sins that really keep us from enjoying the love of God.

    For instance I learned one day that I was really mad at God. I blurted it out. I was stunned and so was the prayer team I was talking with. Outwardly I had no clue that I was mad at God. But somehow in the course of our conversation this came out.

    I have also learned that asking God to heal my soul has brought up many hidden sins.

    God bless Lina

  3. Dear William,

    What is wrong with the Christian Church you asked? I’m going to attempt answering some of your other posts along with this one.

    First of all I’ve noticed that you are humble William. This is a virtue and its vice is pride.

    When John the Baptist said He must increase and I decrease. It was said for mankind in order to make road straight and bring the mountains low. Pride leads to Ego and Ego is ungodly. Should people see Jesus and His humble yet powerful work in me shouting “Christ Like” which is the meaning of “Christian” Or should the people see you shouting look at me! Aren’t I great! Thus taking the glory that belonged to God alone. In truth people won’t benefit seeing you. They will only benefit seeing Jesus in you. That is why my ego must decrease as I empty myself of “self” thus increasing Jesus within me instead. Thus becoming truly Christ like.
    Which brings me to your question of what is wrong with the church? Do me a favor and take a piece of paper and draw a line vertically down the center. Now write your name at the top left and Jesus’s name on the top right.
    Now state each way that Christ lived under Jesus including his teachings. Now write what you do that is similar to the things on the right side under Jesus. How do they compare? Are you Christ like? The Christian church must be Christ like. Otherwise their evangelization goes to not because people don’t see us behaving as Jesus did. We become hypocrites… Like the Pharisees

    Strive to become more Christ like where people visibly see Jesus within you. Jesus increasing and you decreasing. More God less You. Then Jesus will never tell you get away from me you evil doers for I do not know you. He will see Himself within you as He is in you. God’s will be done not ours.

    As Jesus said ” I am the way, the life and the truth” Jesus is the narrow gate. Few shall find it. Many will stay with the wide road to destruction. Jesus knows His sheep and His sheep know Him. So they egolessly go forward walking as their shepherd did.

    Let go of worldly things and fill your life with more Jesus. For this world is passing away. You can take nothing with you to the kingdom of Heaven. You can only bring your love and God’s glory to Him. Notice that it is His glory you lived for and not your own.

    God bless you!

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