The Latter Rain…Knowing God

It’s been a while, a long while, since I have written anything and my blog has become brown and parched. I am not sure if this latter rain will continue or if this is just a brief shower. Time will tell, as it always does.

I am working on my Knowing God Teacher’s/Self-Study Edition Study Guide for Packer’s book and I just read something about one of the people who studied Knowing God with me online during 2005. Her name is Rebecca and her blog is Rebecca Writes. The reference caused me to look up her site and yes, she is still there plugging away after all these years (contrary to my haphazard efforts as of late). She is a continuing example of faithfulness and I thank God for her and her persistance.

We all need from time to time examples of the qualities we are trying to foster in ourselves. To see those qualities lived out in another person give us hope for our own efforts. For me, Rebecca hasproven over the years  to be such a person, and for that I thank God and gives thanks for her.

My prayer for Rebecca is that our loving heavenly Father continues to sustain her, supplying her every need, protecting her from harm, and giving her the strength and tenacity to continue her efforts, to be that example for me and so many others of a faithful servant.

God bless you Rebecca, today, tomorrow, and until the Lord takes you home.

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