Quick & Easy Toasted Cheese Sandwich

Here is an easy, quick way to make a very unmessy toasted cheese sandwich.

  1. Get out your iron, a piece of aluminum foil a little larger than twice the size of your bread, and your desired fixings.
  2. Put your finished sandwich (remember to butter both slices of bread on the outside) on the edge of your aluminum foil (make sure the shiny side is facing down away from the bread).
  3. Fold the remaining foil over the sandwich so it is covered on both sides.
  4. With the iron set and preheated to at least cotton (you can also use linen) lightly press the foil for about 30 seconds on each side. NOTE: Use a spatula to turn it over since the foil is hot and may burn your fingers. You can lift the foil to see if it is done enough for your taste. If not press it a little longer.

This will create a perfect grilled cheese sandwich with almost no clean up or heating up of the kitchen.

Some ideas for variety in your sandwiches:

  • Experiment with different kinds of cheese and multiple cheeses mixed together. Lacy Swiss is wonderful when melted over anything else.
  • Use at least two slices of cheese and add pepperoni slices (or your chosen meat – bacon is good) between the layers of cheese.
  • Try different breads.
  • Use real butter and if possible from grass fed cows (I like Kerry’s Irish Butter).



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