2021 Lent Day 7 – Entertainment’s Assault

It didn’t take till my fifth day for me to miss a post, so this is a belated effort. I didn’t realize I had missed writing last night until I was driving to work this morning. Frustrating to have failed so soon, but I repented, took my forgiveness, and now on we go.

I have notice the assault on the Christian worldview is relentless and it pervades almost everything I come in contact with, especially in relation to media of any kind. It all assumes “not God” as its starting point for everything. To them He either doesn’t exist or is irrelevant to anything that matters. Movies and show are at best pagan or at worst demonic or blasphemous. I have to admit/ I never imagined that I would see a multi-year network television show named Lucifer about when the fallen angel becomes dissatisfied with his life in hell, abandons his “throne”, and retires to Los Angeles, opening a night club to supply his passions. The show present a scenario where Lucifer begins to wonder if there is hope for his soul, due his reaction to the inherent “goodness” of a police detective name Chloe. Doesn’t sound like the biblical Lucifer does it, the destroyer of all that is good and holy, who hates everything on God’s side of the ledger.

That is a blatant, in your face example, but every bit of entertainment inverts God prescriptions for living with if it feels good it must be good. The sad thing is that entertainment choices are quickly narrowing, at least if you take what you pump into your brain seriously. I have long resisted the start reality facing me, since I have been a lover of movies and well written visual stories for a very long time. But it is getting hard to ignore what is so obviously anti-God.

I don’t know about you, but I need deal with what I should and should not do in this venue before this Lent is over. I will be 74 in April and I can’t keep saying I will deal with that tomorrow. How about you?

By the way, while you can write comments and I can approve them, there is a bug that prevents them from being seen. I should have that dealt with soon. I am waiting for an upgrade to the Theme I use for the site. God bless your day.

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