Lent 2021 Day 15 – Dealing with the Challenges

Sometimes life overwhelms us. There are too many things to do, too many demands, and we are behind on so much that we feel like we are being buried by it all. Those are difficult times, often with no apparent way out. But that is not true. We can take a lead from how God deals with the immense challenge of bringing a converted sinner to holiness, without destroying who we are in the process. He deals with one place, one sin, one failure in our life at a time. After almost 45 years, God is still dealing with places in my life that need reformation. But, he hasn’t given up; he is persistent…some would say longsuffering.

That gives me two things that are necessary to face my day: dealing with one thing at a time, while not ignoring everything else (lists help with that) and being persistent…not giving up and staying at it every day. That goes for both my spiritual life and my daily life in the world,

This is what I need now, perspective. When things get overburdened one loses perspective. Dealing with one thing, focusing, that helps give perspective. Life is a like a very large puzzle and to be successful we have put one piece in place at a time. If we keep at it, the puzzle gets built. Maybe too slowly for our impatience, but it gets built.

My prayer for you and me today is that we keep at it, that we find that one piece of our puzzle we can put in place today. So, keep at it and build the person God has called you to be, one choice at a time.

Grace and peace,
Bill Meisheid


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