Lent 2021 Day 16 – Making a Choice

Today was a frustrating day. We were supposed to work on our RV since the shop was supposed to have finished putting in the dash LED replacement bulbs I had gotten last night, and then it was this morning, and then it never got done. Now is supposed to be done tomorrow morning. Oh well, we lost a beautiful sunny Saturday we could have been working getting it ready for my daughter’s trip at the end of the month. Sometimes it can be really frustrating depending on others when they don’t come through like they say they will.

I discussed this project earlier, on Lent 2021 Day 9. I ended that meditation with this thought, “I guess you could say that Lent, at least how I am approaching it, is all about choices, often difficult and painful choices.” I had a choice today. I could get upset at the shop or I could let it go. Things happen; the unexpected rears up and changes your plans. You can roll with it or you can let it roll you. We decided to roll with it. This was not life and death; it was a minor disruption to plans. We dealt with it by dealing with ourselves. We were understanding without getting angry.

Isn’t that what you expect from a properly kept Lent? We need to keep everything in perspective. There is a shopworn phrase people make use of at times like this, “Don’t make mountains out of molehills.” So while I was disappointed we lost a day of work on the RV, I was pleased that this time we took the delay in stride. Progress…one step at a time.

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