Lent 2021 Day 34 – Choices

In the Lenten posting for day 19 I wrote about choices. I think a lot about choices. Back in August of 2005 I wrote a poem about choices. It was Ok, but something remarkable happened. Someone named George added to it and did so beautifully. He is unknowable, at least in this life, but I hope to meet him one day. I offer this this to you to show how God works in mysterious ways his wonders to behold.

© 2005 William Meisheid

God, grant my prayerful plea
look deep into the heart of me
help me to choose as you direct
the right and true path to select
and when the moment passes on
with no regrets I carry on

Grace and peace to your day and may God be with you in all the choices you have to make today. May you go to your rest with no regrets. What follows is the addition George posted in the comments as a response. I think it is beautiful. Thank you George, whoever and wherever you are.

With this regret I carry on:
That I had swerved when called to serve.
The path I chose seemed good to me,
Though where it led brought ought to Thee.

Yet this regret is not my end.
You lead me on Your Way to live.
The path you show is good for me,
And where it leads is home with Thee.

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