Lent 2021 Day 37 – What Does the Evidence Say

Today is Palm Sunday. The sermon this morning explained something that most people miss about the Passion of Jesus that is about to unfold, relating to a symbolic part of the Seder meal every descendent of Abraham follows that speaks to the very nature of God within the remembrance of the deliverance God gave the children of Israel on the day of Passover and deliverance Jesus, the eternal Son, offers us on the fulfillment of the Passover feast.

There are three pieces of matzah bread sandwiched together and just as the body of Christ was broken the middle matzah of the three is broken. Christians see that as a trinitarian reference in the Seder and strongly relate to the breaking of the middle piece, which is then is hidden away with both pieces together to be found and later joyfully brought out as symbolic for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son and second person of the Trinity.

For me, Palm Sunday has always been about the control of what happens is not with the people, who welcomed Jesus into the city as Messiah, but the back door maneuvering of the chief priests and those in authority who resisted a threat to their positions and demonstrated an unwillingness to look at the evidence right in front of them. They decided on their desired outcome and refused to see anything that might turn them aside from their chosen path. Even Pilate, who is as close to an honest broker in the whole story could see that Jesus was not the threat they made him out to be. But their minds were made up and the facts meant nothing.

We have to guard against the same thing. Choosing our result and then refusing to see anything that goes against that possibility. There is a difference in building your understanding from the evidence and building your evidence to match your decision.

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