Attack of the Vaccine Police

I have refused to take any of the COVID vaccines for a lot of reasons, but one deeply held religious conviction includes that all of them use aborted fetal products in the testing and/or production. So I put in a formal request to my company for a religious exemption, which my employer accepted. Well and good, but since we are sub to the main contractor on a government contract, it has two levels to go for acceptance and to allow my work continuation after December 8th. But here is the kicker, even if they give me the exemption, I must show a COVID-free test result to enter the building where I work (highly classified, secure area) and that test result is only good for 72 hours from the time I am tested. So for a PCR test that costs $169 to get the results in 24 hours that means a tricky schedule of multiple tests to try and stay working through the week. The other option is the antigen test ($69), but they haven’t said they would accept that test. If they do, that simplifies the effort since the result comes in 30 minutes so I can get by with 2 minor time disruptions a week for an out of pocket expense of $138 a week to keep working, getting the test early Monday and late Wednesday. If they don’t accept the antigen test then it will be extremely difficult and expensive to keep working requiring 4 tests a week to keep working. You should know that I am not worried about getting COVID due to my protocol.

One other issue is the continued availability of the tests, once the demand rises significantly due to these protocols suddenly hitting home coupled with the current supply chain issues. It doesn’t look good for continued employment. It is all in the Lord’s hands at this point.

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