The Dramatic Rise of Nihilism

I often read an author who irregularly posts on Instapundit from midnight to 7am. Her name is Sarah Hoyt and she authors sci-fi and has an active blog at Last night she posted an article on Instapundit entitled Civilization Versus the New Nihilists. I felt the responses missed the important foundation of this situation so I posted the following comment, which I share for your critique.


“You have to remember the source of all of this, at least from a Christian perspective. It is Satan. He is the foundational source of all this nihilism, since he wants us utterly destroyed. This is because our opportunity at forgiveness and a new life in Christ is his ultimate affront. Despite his best efforts, beginning with Eve, God still loves us and gives us a path to forgiveness and rebirth. Everything he tries turns back on him. This is especially true of the crucifixion, which turned out to be central to the plan of salvation, thereby becoming Satan’s final affront and the harbinger of his ultimate defeat. So, like the petulant narcissist that he is, he is reduced to destroying everything he cannot have, of which we are the chief examples. Every person he can corrupt and pull away from God is a personal victory for him. This, coupled with the choices these people make, is are the explanation of what we see happening in the world today. The end is approaching and all of Satan’s destructive efforts are being redoubled while he still has time to mess up everything he can in one final fit of narcissistic envy.”


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