This blog, Beyond the Rim… is where I explore my willingness to go as far as necessary to engage God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This means going beyond the safety of the rim. As my life gets close to its conclusion, Jesus Christ and him crucified becomes my primary purpose in life.

William Meisheid, the writer of this site, works as a senior technical writer and SharePoint administrator for the DoD in a secure environment. Mr. Meisheid has been a Christian since his conversion in the summer of 1976, setting him off on his own personal journey of spiritual discovery, now going on forty eight years and counting. One of Mr. Meisheid’s primary life experiences involves his being a traveler on the road of Knowing God, informed by the seminal book by J.I. Packer. Mr. Meisheid teaches both in person and online classes using the book and you can find his study materials on the Knowing God Study Center on his personal site.

Speaking of my personal site, you can find most every you want to know about me at www.william.meisheid.com.