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What is a Good Man?

 wgmeisheid  May 9, 2014  0 Comments on What is a Good Man?

A good man is many things but this is a good start.

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Quick & Easy Toasted Cheese Sandwich

 wgmeisheid  April 19, 2014  0 Comments on Quick & Easy Toasted Cheese Sandwich

Here is an easy, quick way to make a very unmessy toasted cheese sandwich. Get out your iron, a piece of aluminum foil a little larger than twice the size of your bread, and your desired fixings. Put your finished…

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The God with No Name

 wgmeisheid  March 29, 2014  8 Comments on The God with No Name

One of the objections that the early Hebrews faced (e.g., from the Egyptians) was that their God had no name. The ancient mind could not conceive of a nameless god. Names were significant; they helped define one’s god and expressed…

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The Social Justice Con

 wgmeisheid  July 13, 2013  0 Comments on The Social Justice Con

Question: Why do those who howl for social justice exhibit little if any social responsibility? Could it be that the call for “social justice” for those individuals is really a dodge to fool the masses into accepting that they really…

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Paradoxical Oxymorons

 wgmeisheid  May 31, 2013  0 Comments on Paradoxical Oxymorons

How can one pursue both excellence and equality? How can one claim they are not prejudiced but prefer anything/anyone over something/someone else? How, how, how? There are so many more…care to share some of your befuddlements?

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Pleasing Readers

 wgmeisheid  December 29, 2012  0 Comments on Pleasing Readers

Sometime readers come to a blog, a post, a story, or a book and don’t have a positive reading experience. It may be all encompassing or just the frustration that while they liked some things they read other parts were…

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Bridge Over Troubled Waters…

 wgmeisheid  December 18, 2012  0 Comments on Bridge Over Troubled Waters…

We are in terrible shape as a nation and somehow need to find a bridge across the troubled waters facing our country and its political impasse over debt and our inalienable rights. The solution is grace. It is also God’s solution to the bridge over death to life. Indeed, without grace no real chasm can be crossed, whatever the cause of the divide.

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The Company Store

 wgmeisheid  May 8, 2012  0 Comments on The Company Store

Liberals used to decry the company store, often rightfully so, since so seldom did the workers have an alternative and the store succeeded in binding them to the company, sometimes for life. Even when meant to “assist” the workforce, it…

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The Latter Rain…Knowing God

 wgmeisheid  February 20, 2012  0 Comments on The Latter Rain…Knowing God

It’s been a while, a long while, since I have written anything and my blog has become brown and parched. I am not sure if this latter rain will continue or if this is just a brief shower. Time will tell,…

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Knowing and Being Known

 wgmeisheid  September 13, 2011  0 Comments on Knowing and Being Known

…since God has always demanded that His people love Him with their whole heart, mind, and soul, failure to “know” Him is in essence a failure to love Him, since how can one truly love what one does not know.

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