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The Christian Carnival is Here Next Week

 William  November 16, 2007  1 Comment on The Christian Carnival is Here Next Week

The 199th Christian Carnival will be at Beyond the Rim… Matt Jones’s list of previous Christian Carnivals. To enter is simple. First, your post should be of a Christian nature, but this does not exclude posts that are about home…

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Important Aphorisms

 William  November 14, 2007  0 Comments on Important Aphorisms

Aphorisms: A tersely phrased statement of a truth or opinion; an adage. ( Aphorisms are golden nuggets. They are short, compressed wisdom that has been born out over time and experience. I collect them. Here are a few I recently…

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From Heroes to Abstractions

 William  October 8, 2007  1 Comment on From Heroes to Abstractions

There is an interesting dichotomy going on in Western Culture and especially the United States. It has been noted that when politics moves away from the individual to the abstract, that is when the most terrible things happen, such as…

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The Day the Music Died

 William  September 19, 2007  5 Comments on The Day the Music Died

For most of America this phrase is about a small plane crash, which took place near Clear Lake, Iowa, on February 3, 1959, killing three early rock and roll musicians: Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson….

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Out of the Mouth of Cartoons

 William  September 17, 2007  2 Comments on Out of the Mouth of Cartoons

I have been a fan of several cartoon series over the course of my life. One of my favorites has been Calvin and Hobbs, the story of a little boy (Calvin) and his stuffed tiger (Hobbs). Some of its strips…

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Moses Mondays: An Update

 William  August 8, 2007  0 Comments on Moses Mondays: An Update

There are a number of people who still access the sections I put online of my ongoing novel on the life of Moses, so I thought I might give an update for those who are interested. The first book, formerly…

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Sage Advice on Writing

 William  August 7, 2007  2 Comments on Sage Advice on Writing

In my company website (, I said the following: “Writing is getting started, which is half the battle. The other half is getting finished, which means editing, rewriting, more editing and more rewriting.” William Meisheid Now FAITHMAPS BLOG has a…

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Another Action Hero Quiz

 William  July 31, 2007

“What Action Hero would you be” is the question, and the little boy in me responds and answers the questions. It turns out that I would be either William Wallace or Neo. Not succumbing to the temptation to be a…

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The End of Tony Soprano?

 William  June 11, 2007  1 Comment on The End of Tony Soprano?

I listen to the radio going to work in the morning and today the airwaves were filled with analysis of the closing episode of The Sopranos. Everyone seemed to have an opinion, even, as I was to discover later, Joe…

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Lent 07: Day 32 – How Far To Go?

 William  March 29, 2007  0 Comments on Lent 07: Day 32 – How Far To Go?

I am a writer and I am working on what will eventually become a series of novels on the life of Moses. I love Moses (hence the tie-in to our Lenten theme). His was a unique life and one that…

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