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The WayBack Machine

 William  July 2, 2004

Yesterday I talked about Boomerangs (children who return to live with their parents). Today I accidently discovered another type of boomerang, a sort of time machine for the Web called the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. This site contains archives of…

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Faith and Art

 William  June 25, 2004

I recently stumbled upon an interesting Web site that addresses art, literature, music, and movies from a Christian perspective. Fuse Magazine (no longer active) called itself “the exact point where art and faith intersect. A ‘fusion,’ if you will, of two…

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Strange and Stranger Still

 William  June 24, 2004

The Internet, while often called a vast wasteland, confounds that appellation because it contains so many surprises, so many astonishing and bizarrely encapsolated minutia, most of which are found serendipitously (like most of the fun things in life) at least…

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Demooring Michael Moore

 William  June 22, 2004

Between Bowling for Columbine and the current Fahrenheit 9/11, most people have heard of Michael Moore. Well, the somewhat former “Liberal” and columnist at Slate, Christopher Hitchens has done a number on Mr. Moore’s Palme d’Or winner at Canne. In…

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Entering Narnia

 William  June 22, 2004

Information is finally appearing about the Walden Media production of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. The first movie is set for a December 2005 release. NarniaWeb has even put together desktop wallpaper (seen below)…

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