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Yes, I Noticed

 William  July 1, 2005

I had a rare occurance last night. Someone came to my blog from a link at Think Christian discussing my Defined By What We Do posting. They stayed for almost three hours and read forty-six other postings on the site….

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Spam, Comments, And Loss

 William  June 30, 2005  2 Comments on Spam, Comments, And Loss

I get a tremendous amount of spam, almost all of it now is in the trackback section. However, every once in a while in dealing with this trackback spam mistakes occur. One such problem just occured and the last ten…

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A Blog’s Life

 William  June 16, 2005  6 Comments on A Blog’s Life

It has been one year since I began prospecting beyond the rim. Some of you may not know it, but this site is my second attempt at keeping a web journal. My first effort started on my personal site (…

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One Year Anniversary Tomorrow

 William  June 15, 2005  1 Comment on One Year Anniversary Tomorrow

Tomorrow, June 16th, will mark the first anniversary of my being out beyond the rim. I plan to attempt a retrospective tomorrow on my experience, what I’ve learned and what I see for the future. Exciting stuff, no? 😉 Some…

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Several Comments Accidently Deleted

 William  June 9, 2005

Several comments (today’s) got accidently deleted while trying to deal with spam. If your comment is missing, I apologize.

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Search Terms

 William  June 2, 2005  2 Comments on Search Terms

Various blogs have been posting some of the weird search terms people use to come to their blog but I have several recent ones that appeared really strange, at least at first glance. The first one makes me wonder why…

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Round The Bend And Back Again

 William  May 17, 2005  1 Comment on Round The Bend And Back Again

My wife called me this morning (we talk every morning – she at her jobsite – me working from my home office). She noted that I hadn’t posted anything on the blog in a while and she wondered when there…

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Dumpster Diving The Numbers

 William  May 13, 2005  6 Comments on Dumpster Diving The Numbers

I periodically examine my site information and one statistic that has always interested me is whether someone visiting is a returnee or brand new to my site. Up until the end of April the traffic to my site was primarily…

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Humility, The Blogosphere, And The Family Of God

 William  May 11, 2005  7 Comments on Humility, The Blogosphere, And The Family Of God

It doesn’t take much reading around the blogosphere to encounter thinkers and intellects who can make me feel like a person of diminished capacity and I often imagine that I have accidentally stumbled into an AP <insert chosen specialty here>…

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The Why Of Blogging, At Least For Me

 William  May 2, 2005  2 Comments on The Why Of Blogging, At Least For Me

“Use what talents you possess; The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.” William Blake Someone asked me a few years ago why I blog (I had a personal web site on…

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