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Value And Inalienable Rights

 William  July 20, 2005  0 Comments on Value And Inalienable Rights

Value. n. To rate according to relative estimate of worth or desirability. What is your value and who determines it? I believe our value is twofold: internal and in the eye of the beholder. For a Christian, it is God…

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Random Thoughts On A Sunday

 William  July 10, 2005

Sometimes your mind is so full of so many ideas it is hard to focus on one and develop it. So instead, I thought I would just post a few of those ideas and maybe develop them later, but at…

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 William  July 9, 2005  1 Comment on London

Senseless murder and tragedy struck again as the disciples of death and hell plied their trade in London under the cover of doing Allah’s will. Adrian Warnock, noted British blogger and pastor, responds with To the terrorists: we will survive…

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Keeping The Focus: Unceasing Joy

 William  July 6, 2005

It is not exactly the tomorrow I said in my original posting, so accept my apology for not meeting my stated goal. I will try to do better by my commitments in the future. Unceasing Joy As we said earlier,…

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For The Purpose-Driven

 William  July 3, 2005

If you are a fan of the Rick Warren and the various Purpose-Driven approaches to living out your faith personally, as a church, or in any of the other proliferations that this movement has incarnated into, then I would humbly…

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Keeping The Focus

 William  July 2, 2005

One scripture that a lot of Christian people skip past is 1 Thessalonians 5:17, “pray without ceasing” or “pray continually.” Those who do take the passage seriously, usually interpret it along the lines that their whole life is a prayer…

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Defined By What We Do

 William  June 29, 2005  1 Comment on Defined By What We Do

I was reading a Mark Steyn article today and he reminded me of a wonderful line in Batman Begins. It is spoken by Bruce Wayne’s longtime girl friend (as distinct from girlfriend). Rachel Dawes sees Bruce leaving a particularly degenerate…

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Love Of God, Love Of Man

 William  June 29, 2005  2 Comments on Love Of God, Love Of Man

Doug Mahone at Coffee Swirls had an interesting question asked of him by a friend, which relates to the Mark 12:28-30 passage where Jesus is asked what is the greatest commandment. And one of the scribes came up and heard…

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Hard Questions, Difficult Answers

 William  June 27, 2005  1 Comment on Hard Questions, Difficult Answers

Some of the best articles I have ever read on world affairs, political philosophy, and the current war on terror have been at the Belmont Club. Today Wretchard’s Oh Say Can You See posting examines the difference between Democratic and…

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Reminiscing The Past: The Power Of Renewal

 William  June 24, 2005

This is an essay I wrote on September 11, 2003. It wasn’t written as an anniversary missive, but the events of 9-11 do form the backdrop to the premise, a canvas on which the power of renewal is painted in…

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