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 William  August 8, 2004  4 Comments on Happiness

Sunday usually gets me thinking about abstract things, such as what I have been thinking about today, happiness. John Steward Mill in arguing for a Utilitarian ethic said that the highest normative principal was Actions are right in proportion as…

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 William  August 6, 2004

Fridays. The world in which we live views Friday with its own acronym, TGIF (Thank God [or goodness] its Friday), since the general view is that work is something we can’t wait to get away from so we can be…

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 William  August 5, 2004

Emerson argued that pride always injures–“No man ever had a point of pride that wasn’t injurious to him.” Maybe it doesn’t get you immediately, but eventually pride, to quote Proverbs 16:18, goes before the fall. It is pride that helps…

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Christian Carnival XXIX

 William  August 4, 2004

The current Christian Carnival is up and running at Digitus, Finger & Co. It is obvious that Neil has read every post, so we all have had at least one reader. 😉 Read and enjoy not only the Carnival articles,…

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 William  August 4, 2004  1 Comment on Habits

”We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle was on to something there. I think I now understand those relentless drills we did in Catholic school to learn things like the common…

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 William  August 3, 2004

It seems to me that God must have goals, after all, the Bible says that He has a plan and having a plan implies having goals to implement that plan. Beyond the larger plan that God has for all of…

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Christian Carnival XXIX Submission

 William  August 2, 2004

It is time to submit your posts. Digitus, Finger, and Co. will host the Christian Carnival for the first time this Wednesday. If you have a blog, this is a great way to to expose yourself to new readers. Please…

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 William  August 2, 2004

It is axiomatic in design that form follows function. While there may be differences between two designs, sometimes aesthetic and sometimes due to a unique approach, the form still demonstrates its suitability to its function. The human body exhibits this…

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Verbal Manipulation

 William  August 1, 2004  3 Comments on Verbal Manipulation

All of the statements, then the spin and counter spin on those declarations, during the Democratic National Convention have been weighing heavily on me this week. Determining who and what to believe is not an easy task. Then in our…

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Retrosexuals ‘R Us

 William  July 31, 2004  5 Comments on Retrosexuals ‘R Us

The emergence of the metrosexual as the leading character trait for males at the Democratic National Convention has lead to a resurgance of a counter movement called retrosexuals. Numerous bloggers are jumping on the bandwagon. Columnist Mark Steyn discusses the…

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