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Faith and Art

 William  June 25, 2004

I recently stumbled upon an interesting Web site that addresses art, literature, music, and movies from a Christian perspective. Fuse Magazine (no longer active) called itself “the exact point where art and faith intersect. A ‘fusion,’ if you will, of two…

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Defending The Frontier

 William  June 21, 2004

If you haven’t read The Evengelical Outpost you should. It is a well written, well thought out site that covers the intersection between evangelical Christianity and our surrounding culture and politics. I would like to specifically direct you to the…

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 William  June 18, 2004

I love passion. It keeps life and work from sinking into numbing boredom. I hate passion. It makes the simple complex and creates division where none should exist. The current state of politics and political discourse in our country seems…

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Burden of Proof

 William  June 17, 2004

I was reading an article on Kuperian (neocavlinist) political principals by Joe Carter and his discussion of ontological personhood struck a chord which I think is significant when you approach areas like capital punishment. Joe stated that “we belong not…

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We The People

 William  June 16, 2004

We the people – In Ronald Reagan’s first inaugural address, Tuesday, January 20, 1981 he stated a fundamental truth, “All of us need to be reminded that the Federal Government did not create the States; the States created the Federal…

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