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A Clarion Call To Prayer

 William  October 26, 2004  1 Comment on A Clarion Call To Prayer

Hello! Welcome. Lend me your ear for a moment. Now that I have your attention I want to issue a sincere call to all Christians. I ask that you please pass this clarion onto everyone you know who calls Jesus…

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Nascent Democracy In The Middle East

 William  October 13, 2004

One of the strategic cornerstones and fundamental rationales of the Bush decision to invade Iraq has been the plan to plant and cultivate the seed of democracy in the heart of the Mideast. It is argued that giving democratic freedoms an opportunity to spread to the surrounding populations will effect lasting change in the Arab world. Many of those who support the war see this as our only hope of ending the Islamic terrorist threat.

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What Is Deterrence And Why Should I Care?

 William  October 8, 2004

Deterrence – 1. The act or a means of deterring. 2. Measures taken by a state or an alliance of states to prevent hostile action by another state or group. That is the plain vanilla definition, but I suggest you…

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The True Nature Of Islamic Terror In Iraq

 William  October 5, 2004

Who is Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and what does he really want? In a revealing article in FrontPage Magazine, Stephen Schwartz exposes the underlying focus of the Saudi Wahhabi sect of which al-Zarqawi is a member. They consider everyone but themselves,…

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Nexus Points Between Life And Death

 William  October 3, 2004

In the years leading up to World Word II, France was a country facing a nexus point in her history. She had a serious problem and her crucial issue was for her people to see that internecine political concerns that…

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A Stalking-Horse

 William  September 22, 2004

It seems the churches in the center of Moscow have received warnings that they are targeted for terrorism. Have the Islamists decided on new targets? If churches are attacked will the media interpret the actions of militant Islam as the…

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Islamic Reformation Beginning?

 William  September 10, 2004  2 Comments on Islamic Reformation Beginning?

Ever on the outlook for developments within Islam that mitigate or accelerate the current rush to Armageddon, I found an article in New Statesman (paid subscription required) that investigates the growing movement towards reformation of Islamic law. These changes, which…

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So Many Things: Part II

 William  September 7, 2004  1 Comment on So Many Things: Part II

As I said in Part I, last week was an eventful week and the weekend continued what the week had started. In Part I I talked about the Republican convention and how I related to Zell Miller and was saddened…

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Seeing Chests Through The Fog

 William  September 2, 2004

As I reflect on the two political conventions of this acrimonious summer, I find a common thread of discontent exuding from every nook and cranny of the public’s expression. People appear to be much more curmudgeonly than usual. As you…

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Lessons From History

 William  August 24, 2004

No matter where you fit into the political spectrum you are facing significant choices during this election cycle. One of the significant factors I use to evaluate such situations is my view of history and historical events. My undergraduate degree…

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