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Compulsion And Virtue

 William  August 18, 2004  2 Comments on Compulsion And Virtue

What really makes the historic American dream and the nature of the country and society it has nurtured different from the goals of Islam and the nature of the countries and societies it has spawned? This is an important issue…

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Another Bergerism

 William  July 24, 2004

This paraody on Sandy Berger’s pilfering of the Millenium After action Reports from National Archives is a hoot. Things like this are why I love the Blogdom. Reproduced here in full from Barking Moonbat Early Warning System. Read and enjoy…

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The Bergerian Gambit

 William  July 23, 2004

Punditom and Blogdom alike are in an uproar over Sandy Berger’s stealing of a series of drafts of the after action report on the Millenium plot and subsequent “losing” some of the document pages. While various newspapers have also weighed…

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Hate-Speech vs. Free Speech

 William  July 6, 2004

It appears that the legislature of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has added an amendment to its hate-crimes law called “harassment by communication.” There is concern that this could be used against churches that address homosexual activity as sin. More to…

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Survival’s Conundrum

 William  June 28, 2004

There is a growing debate going on about how to approach the apprehension and prosecution of terrorists and potential terrorists (here defined as those who have become part of a terrorist cell or commited themselves to terrorism but have not…

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