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A Community 4th of July

 William  July 7, 2007  2 Comments on A Community 4th of July

I live near a small community on the edge of a big city (Catonsville – Baltimore). Catonsville has had a 4th of July celebration (parade and fireworks) for the last 61 years. I have begun to photograph the parade, to…

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It’s the Software, Stupid

 William  July 3, 2007  0 Comments on It’s the Software, Stupid

“It’s not the hardware, it’s the software. It’s not race, it’s culture.” Bill Whittle at Eject! Eject! Eject! Bill is arguing that culture (software), not race (hardware), has the most influence on what we become. At its heart Christianity, besides…

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 William  May 7, 2007  1 Comment on Geeks

Do you know a geek? Are you yourself a geek? The common image of geeks is of an intelligent and technically competent, though socially backward, often serious backward, individual. I been thinking about geeks and I think I have hit…

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 William  April 13, 2007  0 Comments on Paraskavedekatriaphobia

Today is one of those days that happen every so often that even believing Christians joke about. Today is Friday the 13th and the term for the fear of today is paraskavedekatriaphobia. This phobia is an ancient fear, going back…

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History and Reflection

 William  November 10, 2006  2 Comments on History and Reflection

My degree is in Ancient History. You could legitimately call me an historian, especially since I tend to view things using the tools of history. Historians depend on reflection from a distance, seeing things from a wider angle, not getting…

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Changes, They Are A-Comin’

 William  November 7, 2006  2 Comments on Changes, They Are A-Comin’

The people have spoken and we are a house divided, nationally at least. Here in Maryland, we are once again completely Democrat. As a nation we have sown the winds of change, what whirlwinds will follow is the question. One…

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True Relationships (aka Friendships)

 William  November 2, 2006  0 Comments on True Relationships (aka Friendships)

I think we need to make a distinction between utilitarian relationships and true relationships of the heart (aka friendships). Many people mistake the first for the second, sometimes with painful results. When relationships depend on circumstance, those you work with,…

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The New Peter Pans

 William  October 29, 2006  4 Comments on The New Peter Pans

In so many of our new dynamic Christian Churches, many of the young (and not so young) men are not marrying. Instead they see their life in utilitarian/individualistic frameworks (success, accumulation of assets, personal growth) and despite its efforts, it…

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Christ’s Additions

 William  October 19, 2006  1 Comment on Christ’s Additions

In The Hideous Strength C.S. Lewis makes an interesting statement, put in the mouth of his hero (Ransom). …that when you mean well, He always takes you to have meant better than you knew. Lewis has his character say that…

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Nature vs Nurture: The Clifford Experiment

 William  October 18, 2006  3 Comments on Nature vs Nurture: The Clifford Experiment

We have owned three Akitas, a Japanese breed introduced into the U.S. after WWII. Orignally bred to guard the Emperor and protect villages from bears (three Akitas have brought down a marauding bear), the enigmatic large breed is powerfully built…

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