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Off-line for Site Conversion

 William  October 22, 2008  0 Comments on Off-line for Site Conversion

I am going off-line while my site is converted to a new version of WordPress and MySQL. Check back next week and hopefully everything will be done. Grace and Peace

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The Workload Continues…

 William  May 14, 2006  8 Comments on The Workload Continues…

Last week it was 78.5 hours. The week before 79.5. This weekend I will put in at least 16 hours this weekend to begin the week. I am learning things about myself. Stress, and this is real stress, exposes all…

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Tough Times Point The Way

 William  May 1, 2006  0 Comments on Tough Times Point The Way

I know this may sound repetitive, but this job has been hard work. They say many things get harder as you get older, but while I expected the work to be taxing, considering the schedule and the resource considerations, the…

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Sorry About Being Offline

 William  April 21, 2006

I have been training all week, which leaves me exhausted and with no time. I will begin to catch up this weekend. My mailbox is overflowing and there are so many things to say. Thank you for your patience. May…

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Lent 06: Day 34

 William  April 8, 2006  3 Comments on Lent 06: Day 34

Today is my birthday. I joke that it will be my last one, since if you knew my birthdate you would see that I am now 59. This is the last year left to my pre-senior days. One thing is…

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Lent 06: Day 7

 William  March 8, 2006  1 Comment on Lent 06: Day 7

Perspective. I have been thinking about what it is that separates the way believers and un- or not yet-believers view the Bible. Not the text of the Bible per se, but the message that the text reveals. It is obvious…

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Off To See My Father, The Wonderful Father of Me

 William  October 3, 2005  3 Comments on Off To See My Father, The Wonderful Father of Me

I am off to see my Father. He is 82 and has been living alone since my mother died almost three years ago. As a man primarily focused on working, he depended on my mother for her socializing influence. When…

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Rimshots #21 “Christianity Untried”

 William  June 26, 2005

“The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult, and left untried.” G. K. Chesterton in What’s Wrong with the World. That is a bold statement. If true and I think it is, where…

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Winding Down My Television

 William  May 23, 2005

Tonight is the season ending two hour 24 episode. A friend is coming over for dinner to watch it with me. Wednesday is the two hour season ending Lost episode. My wife is really looking forward to seeing it and…

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Sheep And Wool

 William  May 9, 2005  4 Comments on Sheep And Wool

Every year one of my wife’s favorite outings is to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Since it is always on the first weekend in May it coincides with Mother’s Day weekend. This year my daughter and I made it…

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