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Sad News…with a Smile

 William  March 12, 2007  1 Comment on Sad News…with a Smile

This little sad chuckle has been making the rounds at the company my wife and I work for. I thought I would include it for everyone out there having a crumby day… SAD NEWS… Please join me in remembering a…

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Fractured Fridays: Scientific Creation

 William  January 13, 2006  3 Comments on Fractured Fridays: Scientific Creation

Things have been so serious around here the past few weeks—job interviews will tend to do that to you—that I thought it was time for a little levity and craziness. With all of the contention going on between “science” and…

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Men And Women From The Beginning

 William  June 5, 2005

Adam retunred home late one night in paradise after spending some time with a few of the unicorns. Eve, feeling lonely and left out cried at him: “I just know you are seeing another woman!” Adam responded: “Don’t be silly…

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Rimdims #4 “The Pope is Catholic”

 William  April 21, 2005

In a satirical look at the secular world’s reaction to the election of Cardinal Ratzinger as Pope of the Catholic Church, Blimpish puts together a parody of a leading leftest liberal newspaper. Note: Some elements might be offensive to some…

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Adolescent Insanity Defined

 William  February 15, 2005

Some people just have too much time on their hands and because they have some expertise with Photoshop they are able to cobble together some outrageous pictures to illustrate a point. This Photoshopped picture is making the rounds (my daughter…

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Lion With Otter Tendencies

 William  November 16, 2004  5 Comments on Lion With Otter Tendencies

After taking the personality inventory for the personality types based on Gary Smalley’s writings, it appears I am a lion with strong otter tendencies. I guess I am regal yet fun loving, won’t be building damns any time soon, and…

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Are You Insane?

 William  October 20, 2004  2 Comments on Are You Insane?

There is a webpage which purports to tell you whether or not you are insane by how you react to just looking at and listening the content. Click here to take the Insanity Test. For this test to work you…

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Heaven Or Hell

 William  October 12, 2004

While on a campaign trip in his home state a US senator’s plane tragically crashes and he dies. His soul arrives in heaven and he is met by St. Peter at the entrance. “Welcome to heaven,” says St. Peter. “But,…

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Cleaning Both The Toilet And The Cat

 William  September 30, 2004  1 Comment on Cleaning Both The Toilet And The Cat

My daughter sent me this little dash of humor and I thought I would share it. Note to PETA people, it is only a humorous joke… How To Clean Both Your Toilet And Your Cat – The Easy Way Follow…

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