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Logos Rising

 wgmeisheid  December 18, 2021  0 Comments on Logos Rising

I surreptitiously stumbled across an author and a book that has become a nexus point in my spiritual life. The author is Dr. E. Michael Jones and the book is Logos Rising: A History of Ultimate Reality. What I could…

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Rimdims #6: Ritual Impurity

 William  October 13, 2008

Considering the lengths that radical Muslims go to “protect” their ritual purity (e.g. Ayatollah Khomeini, after the Iranian revolution, declared that all non-Muslims were impure. He said that to wash the clothes of non-Muslims (you have to touch them), to…

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On Islam and Christianity

 William  July 6, 2008  0 Comments on On Islam and Christianity

Muhammad brought down from heaven and put into the Koran not religious doctrines only, but political maxims, criminal and civil laws, and scientific theories. The Gospels, on the other hand, deal only with the general relations between man and God…

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Evangelical Ship Taking on Water

 William  May 13, 2008  1 Comment on Evangelical Ship Taking on Water

Sometimes when you read something someone else has written, something they say or a quote they use, it sparks a line of thought. I just ran across my comments to Dr. Mike, over at Eternal Perspectives on a post he…

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Canaries in the Coal Mine

 William  January 7, 2008  0 Comments on Canaries in the Coal Mine

Whenever there are fundamental shifts coming in human events there are “canaries in the coal mine” occurrences that presage the actual displacement. These small seismic shifts alert those paying attention that the “big one” is coming. As Jesus said to…

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The Real War

 William  November 11, 2007  0 Comments on The Real War

Some people believe the war we (the U.S. and Western Civilization) are currently engaged in is with Al Qaeda and the arbiters of radical Islam. While it is true that we are fighting those elements in several places around the…

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What’s in a Name? Part II:

 William  August 30, 2007  3 Comments on What’s in a Name? Part II:

What you call something is significant. In a much maligned recent miniseries on CNN, God’s Warriors, Christiane Amanpour, who produced and anchored the program, said the following while discussing martyrdom: To the West, martyrdom has a really bad connotation because…

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What’s in a Name?

 William  August 28, 2007  1 Comment on What’s in a Name?

In more ancient cultures, names were significant. They were much more than usually likable monikers attached to people, places, or things. Recently, names have grown appendages. We are no longer Americans. We are [insert modifier here]-Americans. We are no longer…

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Culture: Islam vs. Christianity

 William  August 23, 2007  3 Comments on Culture: Islam vs. Christianity

Christianity began as a subculture to the existing culture and can be see as such in many areas of the world today. It can honestly be said, despite Western Civilization’s sometimes claim to the contrary, that there is no Christian…

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 William  July 20, 2007  4 Comments on Borgislam

In the science fiction series Star Trek, the most devastating enemy the free peoples of the galaxy ever faced were the Borg, an assimilating race that destroyed all before it and made it part of the Borg Collective. “Resistance is…

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